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Crisis Cleanup Training

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about crisis cleanup

Mandatory Training Video

Test Your Crisis Cleanup Knowledge!

Take this quick poll to see how much you understand about Crisis Cleanup.

1. You can use Crisis Cleanup to do donations management, case management, logistics, etc.
2. How much does Crisis Cleanup cost?
3. Crisis Cleanup should be used primarily by field workers.
4. Your organization is responsible for keeping client information confidential.
5. When must you claim a case? Hint
6. Always store as much sensitive personal information in Crisis Clean up as possible. Hint
7. What kind of organizations may participate? Hint
8. You are responsible for updating completed or partially completed cases. Hint
9. Who is in charge of Crisis Cleanup?
10. You may claim a case if you do not have the resources to perform the work. Hint
11. All participating organizations can see what all of the other organizations are doing.
12. Who may enter cases?
13. What should you do if a fellow relief organization doesn't do a case they've claimed?
14. It is possible to download a copy of all cases. Hint
15. Each user is responsible to keep his/her own passwords secure.
16. You may use Crisis Cleanup for case management.
17. Each organization should have one primary user.
18. What is the easiest way to get a list of cases and run reports? Hint

Advanced Questions

Feeling good about your answers? Try these more advanced questions!

19. How many cases should you claim at one time? Hint
20. What should you do before showing up at a site?
21. How many people from your organization should you invite? Hint
22. What should you do with debris?
23. When you join Crisis Cleanup, you should add cases your organization has already completed.
24. If a reputable sister organization visits your area and asks you what to do, you should:
25. When removing drywall after a flood, you should:
26. When you encounter a stressed, frustrated, or unreasonable volunteer from another organization,
27. If you see an icon that is out of place on the map, you should move it to the correct location.