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Voluntary Relief Agencies

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Crisis Cleanup is for VOADs

Welcome to Crisis Cleanup!

Crisis Cleanup helps relief organizations coordinate cleanup efforts after a disaster. In order to participate in Crisis Cleanup, an organization must:

  • Have a physical presence in the area ("boots on the ground" or a call center)
  • Voad 7
  • Perform property assessments or remediation (assessments, debris removal, muck-outs, rebuilding, etc.)
  • Be a reputable organization (Incorporation is not always necessary, but individuals may not join independently).

Crisis Cleanup has a bias for inclusion—that is, any organization that meets all four requirements should be allowed to participate, absent some extenuating or unforeseen circumstance.

For full access, all four elements are required, which means that not every organization will be allowed to participate. For example, the American Red Cross and county offices of emergency management (OEM) are certainly reputable, and always has a physical presence in the area, but do not usually perform the type of cleanup work that Crisis Cleanup facilitates; therefore, the Red Cross and OEM would% typically have lesser access, unless they meet all requirements. Similar restrictions apply to local governments, unless they play a direct assessment or active coordination role in disaster recovery.

Non-VOAD and spontaneous grassroots organizations that can demonstrate reputability are encouraged to join Crisis Cleanup. See theRequirements for Participation for complete details.

If your organization qualifies, please watch this Mandatory Training video, and Sign Up!

Is Crisis Cleanup a Good Fit?

There is no such thing as the "One App to Rule Them All." Crisis Cleanup is really good at coordinating many organizations who are all cleaning up in the same area. Crisis Cleanup is a good fit when:

Property, Not Personal Information

Crisis Cleanup is about Property, not People. For privacy reasons, Crisis Cleanup helps recovery organizations fix property (assessments, debris removal, muck-outs, rebuilding, etc). Crisis Cleanup may NOT be used for:

  • Case Management
  • Spontaneous Volunteer Management
  • Donations Management
Crisis Cleanup may not be used to store sensitive personal information such as SSNs, medical information, or dates of birth. See the Client Personal Data Collection Policy.